Today’s wood pellets for tomorrow’s world

By Gordon Murray, executive director of the Wood Pellet Association of Canada
Canadian Biomass Magazine
August 16, 2022
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada

Gordon Murray

Despite the record global demand for wood pellets over the past two decades, biomass, particularly wood pellets, is in the infancy of its evolution. Both domestically and internationally, biomass’ potential in the transformation to a low-carbon, clean and renewable world is almost limitless. Our vision at the Wood Pellet Association of Canada (WPAC) is two-fold. First, to grow a resilient pellet sector that creates green, renewable products at the forefront of the global transition to a low carbon economy, and second, to maximize the sector’s innovation in the bioeconomy. Much of the bioenergy opportunities already realized by the Canadian wood pellet sector have been developed over the last decade, supported with nearly $1.6 million in public funding from Natural Resource Canada and Forestry Innovation Investment’s Expanding Market Opportunities program. The fact is, to realize the full potential of wood pellets, it will take a strong commitment and stable support from government. 

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