Tolko contributes $10,000 to Meadow Lake’s Door of Hope

By Angela Brown
Meadow Lake Now
December 20, 2022
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

Darren Austin & Natanis Bundschuh

Meadow Lake Outreach Ministries Inc. received a boost of support this holiday season with a donation from Tolko Industries Ltd. Tolko mills contributed $10,000 to benefit the Door of Hope project. Meadow Lake Outreach Ministries Inc. executive director Natanis Bundschuh said it will be a great help to the organization. “It was a really nice surprise coming into the Christmas season to see such overwhelming support from our community,” she said. … Tolko Industries Ltd. Meadow Lake Division plant manager Darren Austin made a cheque presentation to Bundschuh for the company’s contribution. Bundschuh said the donation will assist with fundraising goals for the year. “Because of the size of our organization, we rely on donations, being a non-profit,” she said. “It will just go into help our general expenses.”

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