Toronto development promises a low-carbon, high-design apartment building

By Alex Bozikovic
Globe and Mail
December 6, 2022
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, Canada East

A strip mall in Toronto could soon give us a glimpse of the future of apartment living – and signal the start of a business that transforms the way housing is built. These are the promises made by the architects PARTISANS about the development, which they are designing for a private real estate company. If it is realized, the 12-storey apartment building will have its structure made largely in a factory, from engineered wood components that fit together like high-tech Lego – and construction could begin as soon as next year. …Their investment thesis is that big apartments that provide a high quality of life will be desirable, especially to parents and kids, for many decades to come. …If completed, the building will be the most innovative the city has seen in a generation, combining novel construction techniques and thoughtful design into a building type – the apartment building – that will likely define Toronto’s future. [Accessing the full story requires a Globe and Mail subscription]

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