Trees continue rebound from mountain pine beetle

By Scott Hayes
Jasper Fitzhugh
August 19, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

While large swaths of reddened and dead evergreens still remain, the culprit has called off its charge across Jasper National Park.  The mountain pine beetle whose appetite felled innumerable conifers is now back in its dormancy. This leaves cleaning up the aftermath and building the forests back up as the major task at hand.  “The beetle itself, as far as we’re able to determine, has largely run its course in Jasper,” said Dave Argument, resource conservation officer with Parks Canada, citing the role that a few recent colder winters have played.  A good cold snap needed to occur at the right time of winter when the beetle larvae are at the right stage of their life cycle. The last few winters have been really good to us, Argument explained, in terms of offering those extreme cold weather conditions that really knocked the overwintering beetle populations.

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