Twenty year Grassy Narrows blockade saving 15 million trees

Owen Sound Hub
December 2, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada East

Today Grassy Narrows people are feasting to honour the 20 year anniversary of their ongoing grassroots blockade against industrial logging, for Indigenous rights, and to protect the sources of life. This Ontario First Nation succeeded in kicking out the world’s largest newsprint company, halting all logging on a 7,000 sq. km. area since 2008, saving 15 million trees that were slated for logging, and helping to build a movement for Indigenous Land Back. Recently, Weyerhaeuser committed not to use wood from the area that Grassy Narrows is protecting… “…Let us live the way we want to live, let us take care of our forests, and our people will be healthy again,” said grassroots mother and grandmother Judy Da Silva. Within living memory, Grassy Narrows was a thriving and independent community…But the imposition of residential schools, relocation, hydro dams, mercury poisoning, clearcut logging, and mining exploration have taken a terrible toll…

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