Two years after Lytton burned, not a single building permit has been issued

By Vaughn Palmer
The Vancouver Sun
May 25, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, Canada West

VICTORIA, BC — On the first anniversary of the fire that destroyed Lytton, the New Democrats predicted that the village would soon begin to re-emerge from the ashes… predicted that most of the 150 homes, businesses and other buildings destroyed in the fire would be rebuilt by the time the second anniversary rolls around this June 30. It didn’t happen. There’s been no rebuilding to date. Not even a building permit. …As to why B.C. hasn’t done better, excuses abound. When I asked the government for a response, I got back a statement that tried to put the onus back on poor, beleaguered Lytton. …Notwithstanding the vow that “we want to see Lytton rebuilt and rebuilt quickly,” the provincial bureaucracy has contributed to major delays. Others were attributed to the destruction of village records, supply chain issues and the havoc caused on local highways and bridges by record floods in the fall of 2021.

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