UK Forestry Commission lifts Phytophthora pluvialis restrictions on timber industry

By Dept. for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs and Forestry Commission
The Government of UK
January 17, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: International

Restrictions on the felling and movement of timber in six demarcated areas in England impacted by the tree disease Phytophthora pluvialis will be lifted, the Forestry Commission announced today. The UK Chief Plant Health Officer Nicola Spence has confirmed the changes following updated research which shows that the risk of the disease spreading via the movement of timber and wood materials into wider sites is low.  A Pest Risk Analysis has been carried out and updated following consultations and latest research findings. Phytophthora pluvialis is a fungus-like pathogen known to affect a variety of tree species, including western hemlock, Douglas fir, tanoak and several pine species (in particular radiata pine). It is reported to cause needle cast (where needles turn brown and fall off), shoot dieback, and lesions on the stem, branches, and roots.


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