University of British Columbia embraces mass timber with $180 million Gateway Building

By Evan Saunders
Journal of Commerce
December 7, 2022
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada, Canada West

Gerry McGeough sees mass timber as an ideal building material to represent the values of the University of British Columbia. That’s why more than $180 million has been invested in the university’s new Gateway Building, a six-storey, 267,000-square-foot mass timber building designed to be an iconic welcoming place for students, faculty and visitors. Excavation for the building has been finished and work on the foundation has just begun. “Mass timber was sort of a triple word score for us,” said McGeough, director of planning and design with the university. He said it allowed the team to meet three key goals. “We’re lowering embodied carbon, we’re focusing on student well-being with this warm space for the users of the building and wood is also a very important material for the Musqueam people,” he said. …“This was the first capital project where we did what we call ‘deep engagement’ with the Musqueam,” he said…

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