US Building of the Week: Chiles House

By All Hands Architecture
World-Architects Magazine
February 13, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: United States, US West

Billed as “deeply affordable” by its developers, Chiles House in Portland is considered the first completed mass timber affordable housing in Oregon. Designed by All Hands Architecture, the building’s 27 units provide transitional housing for people currently experiencing homelessness and for international refugees. Key design features include spruce cross laminated timber (CLT) ceilings and roofs, fir post-and-beam superstructure, fir glue-laminated beams at the bay picture windows, spruce bay window seats, and spruce slat walls at the stairs which function as fall protection and access control while allowing natural light to come through. The site and the compressed schedule made this project an excellent fit for CLT; an entire floor level of panels could be craned into place in a single day, with just-in-time panel delivery on a floor by floor basis. The project represents true collaboration with the client, contractor, engineers, and building officials to take action towards addressing the housing crisis in Portland.

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