US furniture orders fell 26% in September compared to 2021

Furniture World Magazine
December 7, 2022
Category: Finance & Economics
Region: United States

According to residential furniture manufacturers and distributors… September 2022 new orders fell 26% compared to September 2021. The September 2021 orders were down 20% from September 2020. …In September, new orders were down for 91% of the participants. Year to date, new orders were down 29% from 2021 when they were down 21% from 2020. Year to date, 2022 orders were down 6% from year-to-date 2019. Again, with the price increases, that comparison is hard to really read other than probably not a good result. Shipments continued to be positive working off the big backlogs that were built. Shipments in September were up 5% over September 2021 though down a bit from August. Shipments were up in September for 71% of the participants. Last year, September shipments were up 4% over September 2020.

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