US Producers Lose Bid To Up Brazilian Molding Duties

By Nicole Rosenthal
Law 360
June 17, 2022
Category: Business & Politics
Region: United States, International
The U. S. Court of International Trade denied a domestic producer group’s bid to issue anti-dumping duties on wood moldings and millwork products from Brazil, affirming the U. S. Department of Commerce’s earlier decision to spare the producers from levies on the goods. In a 49-page opinion issued Wednesday, Judge Jennifer Choe-Groves brushed aside several arguments from the Coalition of American Millwork Producers aimed at placing anti-dumping duties on their Brazilian competitors. A key portion of Judge Choe-Groves’ opinion focused on Commerce’s decision to “collapse” the Brazilian companies, or calculating a single weighted-average dumping margin for a group of foreign producers. [to access the full story a Law360 subscription is required]

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