Vancouver Hoo-Hoo Club celebrates members at annual Reverse Draw

Vancouver Hoo-Hoo Club 48
May 9, 2022
Category: Froggy Foibles
Region: Canada West

Founded in 1892 in Gurdon Arkansas, the International Concatenated Order of Hoo-Hoo is a fraternal society of forest and lumber industry men and women with clubs around the world. The biggest club by far is the Vancouver Club. Founded in 1951, at its peak the club boasted more than 350 members. Today the roster sits at over 100 men and women from all aspects of the forest and wood products sector. Social events that drive fundraising for charities and forest eduction are the heart of the organization’s efforts. After a three-year pause in gatherings driven by COVID restrictions, club members came together again at the 2022 Members’ Night Dinner and Reverse draw (May 5) in record numbers. Special guest, “the Snark of the Universe” Paul Todd from Atlanta, Georgia opened the event and lead the Hoo-Hoo charge. Club president, Matthew Burke (Heinzel Sales Canada) recognized Life Member Tommy Jones’s wife Holly, who passed away earlier this year, announcing that the annual golf tournament would be named in her honour. Brad Techy was awarded Life Member for his contributions to the club, and Sandy McKellar was given a special “shoe tribute” for her 13 years of service. Other highlights included Stirling Angus winning the Barrow of Booze draw and Micah Ruhl as last name standing, taking home the entire reverse draw pot. 

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