Victoria’s logging agency VicForests cleared possum habitat and broke laws, audit finds

By Michael Slezak
ABC News Australia
August 23, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: International

Victoria’s government-owned logging company illegally cleared 1,000 square metres of protected possum habitat and broke the law in 25 out of 30 logging areas, according to a government-commissioned audit. The Forest Audit Program report found that in 19 of the 30 areas it assessed, breaches by VicForests had the potential to harm the environment, while the likelihood of environmental harm from breaches in another six areas was “negligible”. The most serious alleged breach involved VicForests illegally clearing 1,000 square metres of protected Leadbeater’s possum habitat near Mount Matlock in the state’s south. The report includes a comment from VicForests, in which the agency says the clearing was a result of a GPS error. …VicForests said it was “pleased” with the results. …David Lindenmayer, a forest ecologist from the Australian National University, said the findings were bad news.

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