We must think globally and act locally to meet future timber demand

By Sturt Goodall, Chief Executive of forestry and wood trade body Confor
The Scotsman
September 13, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: International

Stuart Goodall

The UK is the second largest net importer of timber in the world after China. Generally speaking, we’ve also always taken a world view – recognising we have an interest in, and responsibility for, what happens beyond our borders. Given global events, it can be easy to forget Scotland hosted COP26 ten months ago, where the Glasgow Declaration on Forests was signed, committing countries to tackle deforestation and protect biodiversity. In Scotland, we’re expanding our forest area and creating more places for biodiversity, but the Declaration reminds us we need to be aware of how our actions impact on fragile forests overseas. That awareness is at the heart of a new report by environmental group Friends of the Earth (FoE), Why We Need More Trees in the UK. It argues for much more ambitious tree planting targets, recognising the carbon and wider benefits, and sets that case in the context of the UK’s global responsibilities.

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