We Wai Kai First Nation on Vancouver Island frustrated by land transfer delays

CBC News
January 13, 2023
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

In June 2019, the We Wai Kai First Nation signed an incremental treaty agreement with B.C.’s provincial government. While making the announcement, the province said this first step toward a treaty would bring the community early economic opportunities, increased participation in the local forest economy and long-term benefits.  Over three years later, We Wai Kai Chief Ronnie Chickite says B.C. has yet to hand over any of the 30 square kilometres of land in the Lower Campbell River area of Vancouver Island that was promised in the initial agreement.   …Chickite describes the land in question as “rich in forest.” He says the First Nation selected the parcel specifically for forestry because it’s an ideal site to harvest valuable fir and cedar trees.   …Chickite says the We Wai Kai purchased a logging company as part of its plan to start a new timber operation on Vancouver Island. 

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