Weather whiplash: Summer lurches from drought to flood

By Seth Borenstein
Associated Press in The Longview Daily News
August 23, 2022
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: United States

Parts of northern Texas, mired in a drought labeled as extreme and exceptional, are flooding under torrential rain. In a drought. Sound familiar? It should. The Dallas region is just the latest drought-suffering-but-flooded locale during a summer of extreme weather whiplash, likely goosed by human-caused climate change, scientists say. Parts of the world are lurching from drought to deluge. …Weather whiplash, “where all of a sudden it changes to the opposite’’ extreme, is becoming more noticeable because it’s so strange, said climate scientist Jennifer Francis of the Woodwell Climate Research Center in Falmouth, Massachusetts. …Scientists suspect climate change is at work in two different ways. The biggest way is simple physics. As the atmosphere warms it holds more water, 4% more for every degree (7% more for every degree Celsius), scientists said. Then when a weather system travels further, juicy with that extra water, it has more to dump, causing downpours.

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