Whistleblower: Enviva claim of ‘being good for the planet… all nonsense’

By Justin Catanoso
December 5, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US East

EDENTON, North Carolina — Enviva is the largest maker of wood pellets burned for energy in the world. The company has, from its inception, touted its green credentials. It says it doesn’t use big, whole trees, but only uses wood waste, “tops, limbs, thinnings, and/or low-value smaller trees” in the production of woody biomass burned in former coal power plants in the U.K., EU and Asia. It says it only sources wood from areas where trees will be regrown, and that it doesn’t contribute to deforestation. However, in first-ever interviews with a whistleblower who worked within Enviva plant management, Mongabay contributor Justin Catanoso has been told that all of these Enviva claims are false. …These findings are especially important now, as the EU considers the future of forest biomass burning as a “sustainable” form of renewable energy.

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