Wildfire season winds down in Central Oregon, winter plans announced

By Jason Chaney
Central Oregonian
November 1, 2022
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

Thanks to a surge of colder, wetter weather, public land agencies are finally putting to bed the 2022 wildfire season in Oregon. Oregon Department of Forestry announced last week that its fire season has concluded. ODF said that the arrival of steady, soaking rain coupled with cooler temperatures and shorter day lengths typically triggers the closure of fire season, and this year is no different. “The end of fire season removes restrictions on ODF-protected lands intended to prevent wildfire, such as on backyard debris burning and use of certain equipment,” ODF stated, before noting, “Many structural fire departments in Oregon, however, still require a permit for debris burning, so check with your local fire department before starting a burn.” Year to date, there have been 844 fires on ODF-protected lands, which resulted in 34,105 acres burned and 96% of fires put out at 10 acres or less.

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