Wood pellet shortages in France cause prices to soar

By Hannah Thompson
The Connexion
September 15, 2022
Category: Finance & Economics
Region: International

The price of wood pellets is soaring in France due to a growing shortage of the wood-burning stove and pellet stove fuel as people prepare early for winter and more households entering the wood pellet market. People who rely on the fuel may be facing an expensive winter if the trend continues, with stocks currently seeing “a risk of tension”. Propellet, the national wood pellet professionals group l’Association nationale des professionnels du chauffage aux granulés de bois, said that although “we are not yet in a total shortage situation, we are seeing a situation at risk of tension”. Demand rose earlier than usual this year, ahead of the start of the 2022 production. …Another factor is that more people are entering the pellet market every year. 

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