Wood products from urban sources a growing trend

By Liam Jackson
Great Lakes Echo – Michigan State University
January 9, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: United States, US East

Urban wood could help save the environment and small businesses at the same time. …Getting lumber from urban sources is a growing alternative in Michigan and nationwide. Urban wood can mean wood from city trees, but the definition is broader, said Paul Hickman, the CEO of Urban Ashes, an Ann Arbor consultant who helps municipalities recycle wood. “Urban wood can be defined as any wood that was not harvested for its timber value and was diverted from or removed from the waste stream and developed or redeveloped into a product,” Hickman said. That includes wood from demolished buildings, fresh-cut urban trees and salvaged lumber, Hickman said. This wood can be found in urban forests, urbanized areas, highways, orchards and generally any area where people live and work. Michigan is one of eight states that are part of the Urban Wood Network, a national coalition of urban wood industry professionals and stakeholders. 

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