World Trade Organization says Trump’s steel tariffs violated global trade rules

By Doug Palmer
December 9, 2022
Category: Business & Politics
Region: United States, International

The WTO ruled that former President Trump violated global trade rules in 2018 when he invoked national security concerns to justify his tariffs on steel and aluminum products. The Biden administration strongly condemned the decision, which it said was further proof that the WTO dispute settlement system is in need of fundamental reform. It also said it would not remove the duties. …Trump triggered the dispute when he dusted off a rarely-used trade provision — Section 232 of the 1962 Trade Expansion Act — to restrict steel and aluminum imports on the grounds that they threatened two industries vital to U.S. national security. Trading partners saw the move as a thinly-disguised protectionist measure and quickly lined up to challenge the action at the WTO. …The Trump administration shut down the WTO Appellate Body by blocking the appointment of new judges. That now enables it to appeal Friday’s lower panel rulings “into the void” to prevent them from being adopted.

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