You can’t blame Eby for job losses in forestry

Letter by Dennis Peacock, Clearwater, BC
Clearwater Times
February 12, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Regarding the story, Forest practices pulp fiction for protestors. As much as my concern goes out to those protestors in Prince George, it’s bad to lose your job! But if they are blaming any of this on David Eby they are howling at the wrong moon. …various NDP governments have tried to save pulp mills, go back to Ocean Falls. But when the Socreds were re-elected they shut it down. …The Harcourt government supported the Skeena/Watson Island pulp mill until Gordon Campbell hoodwinked the people of B.C. into giving him a virtual dictatorship for the first four years anyway. The first to go was Port Edward pulp mill. …The list of shut down mills has snowballed in recent times, Port Alice, being dismantled at this present time, Powell River one the largest mill in B.C. now shut down forever, Port Mellon the list goes on. …Pulp Fiction anyone?

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