Three topics permeating today’s construction industry

By Mitchell Keller
Construction Briefing
June 10, 2024
Category: Finance & Economics
Region: United States

Skanska – a Sweden-based global construction and development company – published its Market Trends Report, which revealed three important topics permeating today’s industry. …1. All eyes on Baltimore’s Key Bridge and supply chain—While initial suggestions after the tragedy were that the clean-up and rebuilding process could cause severe issues to the construction supply chain, Cantando said time and investigation has revealed that disruptions should be limited in the build sector. …2. Construction material prices are up—Concrete prices rose throughout 2023 and into 2024 – about 20%. Metal prices continued to inflate, particularly copper. Aluminium is up 16%. Zinc is up 20%. Copper is up 34%. 3. Mass timber is working out efficiency kinks—While the emerging resource of mass timber has excited some and rattled others in the construction industry, Skanska’s panel offered a pragmatic view of the industry, as US states have increasingly codified the material use in recent years and record-breaking high-rises are entering city skylines.

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