A carbon offset company that bought more than 100,000 acres raises concerns in NH’s North Country

By Adriana Martinez-Smiley
New Hampshire Public Radio
August 29, 2023
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: United States, US East

In the northernmost part of the state is the Connecticut Lakes Headwaters Working Forest. Spanning 146,000 acres in Pittsburg, it makes up about 3% of New Hampshire’s forestland.  For decades, it’s been the site of timber harvesting, which has been central to local economies in the North Country.  But, that’s changing, after Bluesource Sustainable Forests Company, a carbon sequestration company, acquired the land last fall. It’s dialed back on timber harvesting in the forest as part of its business model, and that’s raising concerns for community members, state and town officials about how that might affect the timber industry and local revenue.  Like many forests across the state, Connecticut Lakes Headwaters is protected through a conservation easement.   …When the easement was drafted 20 years ago, carbon offset programs, like the one Bluesource is now operating, weren’t part of the discussion, said Patrick Hackley, director of the state’s Division of Forests and Lands.  

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