A profile of young Forest Professionals driving Teal Jones forward

Teal Jones Group
February 7, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Forestry Friendly Communities recently published a series profiling four young Teal Jones Forest Professionals – Taylor Sprangers, Thomas Bennett, Calvin Lee, and Gerrit Bittner. The four are members of a larger team working in the company’s Fraser Valley woods operations, which produces a substantial volume of the logs we mill into value-added products at our main Surrey mill site and smaller speciality mills across BC. Our Registered Professional Foresters work with skilled professionals in numerous other fields to make sure cut-blocks, roads, bridges, and transportation is all done safely and in an environmentally-sustainable manner – that appropriate areas are left untouched to protect wildlife habitat, biodiversity, and streams; that everything meets and exceeds provincial regulations and our voluntary third-party forest management certifications; and that commitments to local First Nations are met. With young forestry professionals like these, Teal Jones’ future is in good hands.

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