A Tale of Two Cities: Swedish community sets climate example for Peterborough

By Alan Slavin
The Peterborough Examiner
November 23, 2017
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada, Canada East

Climate change is upon us, caused primarily by excessive use of fossil fuels which produce greenhouse gases (GHGs). …The first article in this three-part series pointed out that Swedes, with a climate and population similar to Ontario, enjoy the same economic wealth that we do, using only two-thirds of the energy per person and generating just one-third of the GHG emissions. Part of their success is due to the transfer of power and decision-making from central to municipal governments. This has empowered local governments to invest significantly in biogas generation from waste water treatment, waste diversion from landfills and district heating. This article looks at one Swedish city, Karlstad, which is similar to Peterborough in many respects. Peterborough may be able to emulate some of their policies to reduce greenhouse gases here.

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