Adoption of mass timber on the rise in multiple sectors

By Alex Dunn
March 13, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: International

EUROPE — It is not surprising that timber has always been a fundamental resource and building material globally. It is the only abundantly available, easily workable material capable of being stretched or extended, with good compression and bending strength combined with a relatively low weight. It is also entirely renewable. In that respect, it has no competitors. …Now we are going full circle. The real estate industry is experiencing a shift towards mass timber, which is emerging as a compelling alternative to traditional steel and concrete-based materials due to several societal developments. Drivers of mass timber adoption include Sustainability… Health and wellbeing … Automation… Densification… and Developments across all sectors. …The wider adoption of mass timber in real estate is not just a trend – it is a structural shift towards more sustainable and efficient construction.

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