After the decline of western spruce pine fir, what’s the outlook for southern yellow pine?

RISI Fastmarkets
September 19, 2023
Category: Finance & Economics
Region: Canada, United States

While Canadian western spruce pine fir’s (W-SPF) production has decreased over the past decade, American southern yellow pine’s production has been on a steady rise. The decrease  can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, an infestation of bark beetles. Also, wildfires… policy factors… and duties applied to Canadian lumber. Conversely, American southern yellow pine (SYP) has experienced steady growth in production over the past few years. …While the production cuts in British Columbia are a key headwind to the supply forecast over the coming years, supply growth in the US south is expected to help fill the void. …We forecast that the US South will continue to take a share of the total North American production mix. We expect the South’s share of US production to rise from 34% in 2018-22 to 39% from 2023-27 as demand grows.

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