Anonymous group illegally marks trees in Yellowwood in attempt to delay logging

By Sarah Bowman
Indianapolis Star
November 21, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US East

Nearly 1,730 trees are set to be logged in Yellowwood State Forest. Yet hundreds of additional trees have also been marked, all in an attempt to create confusion and disrupt and delay the cutting.  Just days after the state’s Department of Natural Resources sold the rights to log parts of the forest to Hamilton Logging, Inc., a group calling itself “Night Owls, Paint and Exteriors,” or N.O.P.E., spray painted additional trees along the 300 acres of Yellowwood.  “We did this to obscure the trees Hamilton Logging bought, and to force the DNR Division of Forestry to redo the work of marking these tracts, thus delaying when logging could start,” the group said in an anonymous post in the online ‘Earth First Journal.’ The department confirmed that additional trees were illegally marked for harvest during the Nov. 11 weekend. 

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