Architects Go Big On Wooden Skyscrapers of the Future

By Anna Domanska
Industry Leaders Magazine
November 23, 2017
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: United States, US West

…But – isn’t wood flammable? Can you really build a wooden building that tall?These are valid concerns and architects are working to dispel with, in search of eco-friendly buildings rather than fuel-intensive concrete and steel. …Canadian architect Michael Green has become one of the pioneers of tall wood structures, and plans for Framework, a 145-feet-tall wooden tower in Portland. When completed in 2019, Framework would be the tallest human-occupied wooden high rise in the world. …Of course, one of the biggest challenges remains in the making of wooden building is deforestation. Do we really want to exhaust our natural supplies? We’re also dealing with the problem of exhausting essential reserves such as oil. Another problem remains to be existing building codes. Present building codes inhibit the ability for architects to build wooden structures taller than four-stories. Still, wooden skyscrapers offer promising opportunities for more ecologically sound construction.

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