Australia’s demand for American hardwood goes up a gear

Architecture and Design Australia
February 23, 2024
Category: Finance & Economics
Region: United States, International

Export figures released by the American Hardwood Export Council indicate a soaring demand for American Red Oak across Australia, as US hardwood lumber exports increased by 22 percent between Australia and the US in 2023, valued at $32 million. That sum equates to approximately 9,000 cubic metres of Red Oak, America’s number one hardwood species. Readily available, and of a consistently high quality, red oak has similar characteristics to white oak in terms of strength and stability, but an open grain is more suitable for staining. …In addition to Red Oak, there has been demand for the likes of American Cherry and Maple, which have seen volume increase by 650 percent and 110 percent respectively. “Australia and New Zealand remain important markets for us,” says Rod Wiles, Regional Director for the American Hardwood Export Council. 

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