B.C. continues investments to support forest sector

By Ministry of Forests
Government of British Columbia
April 12, 2024
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

David Eby

The Province is partnering with forestry manufacturers to build a strong forest-products sector and support good jobs in B.C. through significant capital expansion in their operations. “While workers and businesses in the forest sector have faced significant challenges over the past few years, there are tremendous opportunities out there in producing made-in-B.C. sustainable forest products,” said Premier David Eby. “That’s why our government is working together with the sector to help them transition to high-value product lines that make the best use of every tree harvested, while creating and protecting good, family-supporting jobs. …Through the $180-million BC Manufacturing Jobs Fund (BCMJF), the Province has committed as much as $70.3 million to forest-sector transition and diversification…. Through the BCMJF, the Government of B.C. is contributing as much as $9.5 million to A-1 Trusses’ significant expansion that will create 125 jobs as the company diversifies its product offerings to include prefabricated wall panels and floor cassettes. 

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