B.C. NDP backs away from Land Act, blames opposition and critics

By Vaughn Palmer
The Vancouver Sun
February 21, 2024
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

Vaughn Palmer

Minister Nathan Cullen briefly took the blame at a news conference for the botched and now abandoned consultations on changes to the Land Act. …The mea culpa did not appear in the text of the news release where Cullen announced that the government plan to amend the Act was being put on hold. What did appear was a self-serving account of the humdinger of a job Cullen had been doing on the consultations. …No, he did not do that from the very beginning. …Only after the secretive consultations were reported did Cullen say that he wished he had been more proactive in involving the public. …“We want to get this right and move forward together,” said Cullen, finally getting to the news of the day. “For that reason, our government has decided not to proceed.” …Had Cullen left it at that, he might have managed a credible exit. But he couldn’t resist taking a partisan swipe at his critics.

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