B.C. resource industries ‘modernizing,’ ‘changing,’ says industry leader

By Wolf Depner
The Terrace Standard
January 16, 2024
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada

David Eby

As Premier David Eby prepares to speak at an annual gathering of leaders representing B.C.’s natural resource sector, his government is receiving credit for listening to rural British Columbia. “This government has the challenge of not having a lot of rural seats, but we are seeing some real tangible actions under this premier’s leadership and the previous (one),” Sarah Weber, of the BC Natural Resources Forum. The BC Natural Resources Forum will host a three-day conference in Prince George, Jan. 16 – 18. Eby will visit the forum for the second time as premier, and speak Tuesday evening. …Weber said she expects government to use the occasion of the conference to make several announcements. “I don’t know what per se they will be, but I would say, definitely keep an eye on Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning.” …On the forestry side, BC Council of Forest Industries has also taken to steps to produce more value-added goods, she added.

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