B.C. set to shovel more than $55M out to plant 50 million trees in 2024

By Wolf Depner
Vernon Morning Star
April 23, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Provincial figures peg the total cost of planting 50 million trees this year at $75 million with the province’s share being $55.5 million. The rest of the money is coming from an agreement with Natural Resources Canada. B.C.’s forests ministry released that figure last week as part of marking the planting of the 10-billionth tree since the start of the reforestation program in 1930. The ministry said two billion of those were planted in the past seven years. Last year, 305 million seedlings were planted in B.C. forests. April marks the start of the tree-planting season, usually running through August. This year’s season is starting against the backdrop of what may turn out to be a worse fire season than last year’s, which caused significant damage to provincial forests. Provincial figures estimate fires burnt 2.84 million hectares, more than double the area of forest and land fire had burnt during any previous year on record.

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