B.C. tourism operators struggle as conflicts over backcountry land use rise

By Glenda Luymes
The Vancouver Sun
May 24, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

The Ministry of Forests administers B.C.’s tenure system, granting companies the right to harvest timber in public forests — or helicopter clients to a remote mountain peak so they can bike down. But as groups compete for use of a limited land base, conflicts are increasing. Scott Ellis, of the Adventure Tourism Coalition, said B.C.’s backcountry has long been a “Wild West,” where the interests of large corporations trump smaller tenure holders, like ski guides, outfitters and sport fishers. …Poor communication among provincial ministries with different mandates — including forestry, mining, tourism and environment — mean a ski guide might arrive in fall to find their terrain completely logged. …Tenure applications made under B.C.’s adventure tourism policy are decided by the forests ministry, which is also responsible for logging tenures. Mining tenures fall under the mines ministry. …“There’s no branch to advocate for us,” said Kathy MacRae.

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