BC Industry, First Nation leaders partner to move forestry forward

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April 12, 2024
Category: Today's Takeaway

BC’s Forest Industry and First Nation leaders are partnering to move forestry forward. In related news: Day 1 of the COFI conference focused on trade and economics, forest resilience and the ‘all important’ path forward for BC; Michigan’s forest industry bemoans the market slump; and Europe leads the pellet/bioenergy sector. In other Business news: Alabama’s Two Rivers Lumber is building a new mill; RoyOMartin modernizes Louisiana OSB plant; South Dakota’s Spearfish Forest is cutting back; and Montana Farmer’s Union pitches co-op to save Pyramid Lumber.

In Forestry/Wildfire news: Canada warns of explosive wildfire season; a US Senate committee calls for firefighter pay boost; UBC is studying firefighters’ respiratory health, a report says Alberta lost 6.6% of forests in 2023; a rethink on Stanley Park’s multiyear ‘mothpocalypse‘; forest owners sue PG&E for damages; the Arctic is burning and Vancouver Island’s first fire!

Finally, National Alliance of Forest Owners executive presents 2024 Carlton Owen Lecture.

Kelly McCloskey, Tree Frog Editor

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