BC Wood Interviews the Executive Director of the Forest Sector Transformation: Rachel Pollard

By BC Wood Specialties Group
You Tube
June 17, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building

Forestry has been – and will always be – a key part of our economy and our identity in BC. Government’s vision is for a strong and sustainable forest sector. The key to this is manufacturers working to add margin and increase value in every step of the value chain. This is how we will maximize benefits to people and communities from the trees we harvest in BC. We know there are challenges, but we also think there are opportunities in working together. The current focus of our work is on stabilizing harvest levels to support the continuity of fibre supply, supporting the growth of secondary manufacturing, and managing forests for long-term resilience and sustainability. While there is more to do, we have already taken action to support innovative, secondary manufacturers in accessing the fibre and capital they need to invest and grow their operations. Watch BC Wood’s interview with Rachael Pollard, Executive Director, Forest Sector Transformation with the Ministry of Forests to learn more!

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