Beyond Montreal: a year on has the world lived up to the promises made at nature summit?

By Patrick Greenfield
The Guardian UK
December 18, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: International

As Colombia announces it will host the next biodiversity meeting, there is cautious optimism about the progress made since Cop15. Governments risk another decade of failure on nature loss if they do not implement a landmark agreement in full, the UN’s acting biodiversity chief has warned, 12 months after the deal was struck. As anticipation begins for the next summit – which was confirmed last week to be hosted by Colombia – the legacy and implementation of the last, historic agreement remains uncertain. …Looking back to this time last year in Montreal where, in the early hours of 19 December, governments signed a once-in-a-decade deal, it is worth remembering that the world has never met a UN target to stem the destruction of wildlife and life-sustaining ecosystems. …Cop15’s 23 targets included protecting 30% of the planet for nature, reforming billions in damaging subsidies and restoring huge areas of degraded ecosystems.

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