BIG reveals a new mass timber building called the “Makers’ KUbe”

By Serra Utkum Ikiz
Parametric Architecture
April 23, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: United States, US East

BIG, BNIM, and University of Kansas (KU) School of Architecture & Design have revealed a new timber building called the “Makers’ KUbe.” The KUbe will be a studio and teaching space showcasing sustainable practices through its mass timber diagrid design. The Makers’ KUbe is approximately 4,645 square meters of timber cube structure with a distinct timber diagrid frame that reduces material and curtails carbon-intensive concrete. The building’s structure uses tight-fit dowels and notched glulam to create an all-wood structure without steel plates or fasteners. The KUbe building has a timber and glass facade that exposes its MEP systems, showcasing its minimal and efficient design. …The building features biodegradable hempwool insulation for improved thermal performance. …The Makers’ KUbe is a six-story building that fosters collaboration between students. …The floorplates are cut to allow for a continuous sequence of single and double height spaces. Also, all interior materials are recyclable.

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