Biodiversity, better forest management key to combat wildfire: experts

By Cindy Tran
Edmonton Journal
July 6, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

…As wildfire season persists, ongoing debates about the leading cause of the fires is sparking tension among the already embattled Alberta, with some claiming arson while others saying climate change, researchers are pointing to weather and sharpening forestry management as a key to combating future wildfires. …Devon Earl, a conservation specialist at Alberta Wilderness Association said that the provincial government and forestry companies have said the solution to managing wildfires is to cut down older forests because they are more susceptible to burning, but she disagrees. “Old forests and mature forests are actually more resilient to wildfires than younger forests,” Earl said. …But with the amount of industrial clear cutting that is happening, there are more young forests regenerating that tend to be more dry than older forests, making them more susceptible to an intense wildfire. …She said more prescribed burns would help mitigate the intensity of the wildfire seasons.

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