Boreal forest advocates raising awareness around clear-cutting in Saskatchewan

By Jeanelle Mandes
Global News
February 18, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Advocates for Saskatchewan’s boreal forest are raising awareness about the impacts of clear-cut logging. An event was held Saturday at St. George’s Senior’s Centre in Saskatoon to raise awareness and funds to support a legal action to stop clearcut logging. Cathy Sproule, a representative for Big River Forest Advocates said the clear-cut logging interferes with Indigenous peoples who exercise their inherent treaty right to hunt. “There are better ways to log in these heavily populated and well-loved and widely used areas,” she said. …“The ministry and also the government of Saskatchewan is not upholding the provision of the Forest Resources Management Act, which requires a balance between industry and all kinds of other activity and values,” Sproule said. “So we’re going to see what a judge says about it.”

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