Burnt trees, new life — thousands of trees were destroyed in a wildfire outside Halifax last year

By Aly Thomson
CBC News
May 26, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada East

HALIFAX — Many property owners in the woodsy suburbs of Upper Tantallon and Hammonds Plains are working with a group of organizations to have blackened trees removed from their land. They are being given a new life at a lumber yard in Greenfield, Nova Scotia. Every part of the tree has a use — from wood pellets to lumber — lumber that those in the industry say could easily wind up helping rebuild homes destroyed in the very community they were plucked from. And while clearing the trees has been cathartic for some residents who felt their appearance forced them to relive that day, those in forest ecology say they should have been left alone. …Willett and Freeman Lumber worked with every resident to decide which trees would stay and which would go. Some people wanted mostly everything removed. Some wanted all their hardwoods kept in the hopes it would sprout new life.

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