Cabinet order that is basis for single-use plastics ban quashed by court, Liberals ‘strongly considering’ appeal

The Canadian Press in the National Post
November 16, 2023
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada

OTTAWA — The federal government’s ban on plastic straws and grocery bags is in question after the Federal Court ruled on Thursday that Ottawa had overstepped its bounds in designating all “plastic manufactured items” as toxic. …The Liberal cabinet designated plastic manufactured items as toxic in 2021, in order to allow the environment minister to regulate their use in Canada. In December 2022, the first of those regulations took effect. …The designation was applied to all plastic manufactured items. In her ruling, Justice Angela Furlanetto noted that evidence shows “thousands” of different items are in that category, and they all have different uses and chemical makeups. Anything designated as toxic under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act must first undergo a scientific assessment to determine if there is harm. And she said that surely includes some items for which there is no reasonable expectation of environmental harm.

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