Cal Fire showcases new firefighting helicopter at 86th Redwood Region Logging Conference

By Adelmi Ruiz
March 15, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

Cal Fire was at the 86th Redwood Region Logging Conference’s third day to showcase their helicopters and explain what it is they do. The Northstate’s News got to check out Cal Fire’s new chopper which can hold many gallons of water to fight fires. I spoke with members of Cal Fire who say they hope the public learned about their safety resources. Cal fire Del Norte unit’s Battalion Chief of Aviation, Jhon Bonnam, said, “we’re here today at the Redwood Region Logging Conference to showcase a couple of aircraft’s. We have our UH1H Super Huey and then behind me we have our S70I fire hawk.” The public is invited to come check out these aircraft as well as speak with our Cal Fire teams. They will be at the Redwood Region Logging conference through Saturday.

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