Can timber construction overcome its growing pains?

By Catherine Early
May 13, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: International

…Timber is not a new building material – humans have built with wood throughout history. But the profile of timber buildings has increased, particularly in cities, as the need to decarbonise has intensified alongside the rise in so-called mass or engineered timber products. …Mass timber products can have several benefits over conventional building materials of concrete and steel. …But the biggest impetus now is coming from cities’ drive to decarbonise. …However, uptake in the construction industry has been slowed by persistent myths about wood’s drawbacks, opens new tab. These include concerns about strength and performance, environmental sustainability, availability of timber and cost. …Fire safety is, quite literally, the most burning issue for the industry. …On the other hand, there are also some in the built environment sector who fear that greenwash about the benefits of wood products could undermine their potential.

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