Canada ignored audit’s call to count logging emissions, says NDP critic

By Stefan Labbé
Business in Vancouver
March 12, 2024
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada

Laurel Collins & Jagmeet Singh

The NDP’s federal environment critic says Canada is ignoring calls to close loopholes in how it reports carbon emissions from logging — what some experts suggest could amount to 90 million tonnes a year. A March 2023 audit from Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development Jerry DeMarco found the federal government had failed to properly account for emissions from the country’s forestry sector. …A year later, Laurel Collins, NDP member of Parliament for Victoria and the party’s environment and climate change critic, said the government’s response has been to take a “really narrow review” of how it counts forestry emissions at the same time Canada experienced its worst wildfire season in recorded history. …By maintaining the status quo and portraying the logging sector as an industry that absorbs as many emissions as it releases, Collins told Trudeau companies are unduly given an advantage over other sectors when it comes to things like carbon pricing.

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