Canada should avoid the mistakes the U.K. made in biomass for energy

By Bertie Harrison-Broninski & Richard Robertson
Policy Options
April 9, 2024
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada, International

Two years ago, BBC journalists visited Canada to investigate the wood pellet industry. Their findings, broadcast in the documentary Drax: The Green Energy Scandal exposed, sent shockwaves through climate politics in the UK. …In February 2024, the BBC published a follow-up story. …Drax did not dispute these findings or that it is still sourcing wood from old-growth forests, but it claimed to be undertaking work to stop sourcing wood from official “old-growth priority deferral areas.” …However, it is primarily up to Canadian authorities, not foreign nations, to investigate and regulate the country’s biomass industry. British authorities do not have the resources to effectively monitor biomass sourcing in foreign countries, as the National Audit Office has made clear. …Source countries such as Canada profit from industrial logging, leading to concerns about conflicts of interest with regulatory enforcement. …Canada’s problems go beyond one company. Current logging practices risk  ecosystem collapse.

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