Canada wildfires: Officials warn of ‘explosive’ wildfire season

By James FitzGerald
BBC News
April 11, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada

Canada’s government says it is preparing for another “explosive” wildfire season, for which it is training extra firefighters. A warmer-than-normal winter has left little snow on the ground and has compounded droughts in several regions. Last year was by far Canada’s worst for wildfires, with 15 million hectares (37 million acres) of forest burned. Linking the issue to climate change, a minister warned that this year could prove even more devastating. The summer was impossible to predict, but wildfires would continue to pose a “significant challenge” for the foreseeable future, said Harjit Sajjan, the minister for emergency preparedness. …Under a raft of measures, ministers say they will double a tax credit available to volunteer firefighters, and will provide millions of dollars to provinces and territories for the purchase of specialised equipment.

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