Canada’s first-ever climate adaptation strategy lacks funding, experts say

By Brenna Owen
The Canadian Press in Global News
December 29, 2023
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada

Canada’s first-ever climate adaptation strategy was little more than six weeks old when fast-moving wildfires swept through communities in BC’s Interior, forcing thousands to flee and destroying hundreds of homes. … The disastrous events provided a taste of the worsening impacts of climate change, and recovering from such events costs many times more than adaptation, says the federal government. Supporters of the preventive approach worry there’s a lack of will and funding to implement the national adaptation strategy. And the longer it takes to both mitigate climate change while protecting Canadians from worsening impacts, the more costly it will become to recover from them, experts say. The national adaptation strategy, released in June, outlines and puts timelines on Ottawa’s goals to reduce wildfires, extreme heat, flooding, and a host of other impacts linked to global heating. …But the strategy lacks the necessary funding and implementation planning to get off the ground.

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